Englo Dust Extraction Technology™

Three Englo Type 33 Dust Extractors solved fire and wet dust plugging problems at this coal railcar tandem dumping operation

Englo designs and supplies turnkey wet dust mitigation projects for coal and non-coal mining and heavy industrial operations. Dust generated in process operations is often a problem requiring attention for safety, employee health and protection of plant equipment. Englo systems offer a simple, compact and rugged alternative for operation where combustible dust, moisture or high temperature create problems for dry collection systems.

Why Choose Englo Wet Dust Extractors over Baghouse Collectors

  • Eliminate fire and explosion risk when handling combustible dust
  • Forget about having blinding or plugging of bags
  • Handling high temperature dust can work better with wet extraction
  • Reduce high maintenance cost of bag filters and accessory equipment
  • Confined entry permit is not necessary
  • Captured dust is continuously discharged eliminating downline problems
  • Improve consistency of transport air velocity in the ductwork

Englo has a Better Solution!

Englo Turnkey Dust Extraction Systems solve problems with fire and explosion risk and deliver superior performance for difficult operating conditions. Englo systems are simple, rugged and compact for mining and heavy industrial applications.

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  • Rugged, Compact High Volume Design
  • Eliminate Combustible Dust Explosion Risk
  • Low Capital, Installation and Operating Cost
  • Unique System to Handle Hydrated Materials
  • High Dust Collection Efficiencies
  • High Dust Load Capability
  • Flexible Engineering Approach
  • Experienced Engineering and Support Team

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