Probe America Misting Fans: Dust & Odor Control

Probe America Dust Misting Fans

Probe America Rotary Atomizer fans offer a better solution for dust and odor control. The Probe Atomizer features injection of low pressure water into a unique high RPM rotating mesh basket screen mounted in front of the powerful Probe fan. The atomizer produces an extremely fine mist for dust control, odor control, cooling, and humidification that is sprayed out to 90 feet by the Probe fan.
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Dust Suppression – Odor Control – Cooling – Humidification

Dust & Odor Suppression Technology

Probe Fan

  • Powerful Probe fan sprays up to 90 feet
  • 110 VAC Electrical Connection
  • Wall mount, pole mount, and custom mount
  • Oscillating and non-oscillating options
  • Probe mobile includes trailer, power supply, water tank, low pressure pump

Rotary Atomizer

  • 12,000 RPM Mesh cylinder generates an incredible 952 billion droplets per gallon
  • Water volume adjustable from zero to 50 GPM
  • No spray nozzles to maintain
  • High pressure pump not required

Probe Control Panel With VSD Drive

Probe Water Regulator Valve

Probe America Applications

Probe rotary atomizer misting fans operate in a wide variety of applications, providing odor and/or dust control at landfills, transfer stations, recycling plants, wastewater treatment facilities, mining and processing, bulk material handling, loading and unloading stations, demolition, and others.

Probe fans are not approved for ATEC/DIV II operation in combustible dust rated zones. Installation where the fan is installed external to a rated area might be considered. Approval for such use must always be subject to careful consideration and be based on a Dust Hazard Analysis. NFPA 652 and other related codes are also critically important.

AiroPure Odor Destructive Reagent

Probe America misting fans are often combined with AiroPure odor destructive reagent to control and eliminate offensive odors across the entire spectrum of organic odor molecules. AiroPure is proven effective against odors including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and other organic sulphur and nitrogen based compounds.

AiroPure destroys odors immediately by changing their molecular structure, and is not a masking agent. This patented reagent is antibacterial to prevent growth of legionella and other pathogens in misting or cooling systems.

Biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Probe America Literature

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